I like all the fruits because there are a lot of vitamins in them. Fruits are good for health. My mother often makes fruit salad for me and my family.But I like three fruits more than other; they are watermelon, mango and apple.
    Watermelon has dark green skin, red flesh and dark seeds. When I was in Tehran, we ate watermelon‌ in summer. I love red watermelon‌s, and it juice is very sweet. Always when I eat watermelon, I like to eat seeds too.
    I like mangoes very much.  Mango is a tropical fruit. When I came Malaysia, first I didn’t like mongo, but one day I drank mango juice and it was sweet. From that time I like mangoes too.
   Some people say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apple is a very good fruit for health and I like this fruit. In Iran we always eat apples. Sometime I eat an apple during the break. I like apple juice too.
    Each time that we go to supermarket, I always tell my father to buy some mangoes, some apples and big watermelon. My father knew that I like them very much and always buy them.

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