My country is Iran. Iran is very big. Iran is located in the west Asia. Its neighbors are Pakistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and Iraq. The capital of Iran is Tehran and it is a big city. Our house is in Tehran.

Our language in Iran is Farsi or Persian. It is a language of poems and we have very famous poets like Hafez, Ferdosi and Saadi.

Iran has beautiful mountains, dry deserts, green forests and seaside in North and South. Iran has got many places to visit.

Iran has four seasons. In Spring, everywhere is green and full of flowers. In Summer, it is very hot. People go to swimming pool. In Fall, it becomes cold. In Winter, it snows.

Iranian people are very kind. Young people play football. They like to go to cinema. The food in Iran is delicious and it is not hot and spicy.

I love my country very much.