My favorite TV programme

I like a lot of progrmmes but my favorite TV programme is (Mr Maker) because I learn how to make stuff and by listening to it, my English gets better.

I learn to make much funny stuff, Mr Maker uses simple things for example scissors, pens, glue or sponge. They can be found at a normal shop. Making the stuff is easy for me. Mr Maker can make the stuff in a few minutes.

This TV programme starts at 7:30pm to 8:00pm. But I usually do not watch it because I want to do my homework and practice my English.

There are many different activities in this programme. There are four activities: first, Mr Maker starts making a handicraft; the second one is that four shapes (square, circle, rectangle and triangle) teach the people who are watching this programme to draw a picture using these shapes; the third one is that Mr Maker makes a stuff in only one minute; the forth is that kids with coloured cloths come together to make a big picture and he says goodbye to the people who are watching this programme.

My favorite programme is this (Mr Maker) show. I would like to listen to Mr Maker because it helps me to improve my English. I love my favorite TV programme very much as I learn to make handicraft and at the same time practice my English.

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