My first name is Negar. My family name is Nouri Neshat. I am eleven years old. I am student in the Maz International School. I am from Iran and now, I live in Malaysia white my father and brother. My birthday is on 3rd August (2000).

I have black long hair and my eyes are black too. I am a little short but I talk a lot.

My favorite food is pizza and my favorite sport is swimming. My favorite day is Friday because it is holiday in Iran. My favorite subject is art. I like to eat vanilla ice cream as dessert.

Every morning, I get up at a quarter past seven. My brother and I go to school at a quarter to eight. The school starts at half past eight and finishes at a quarter past three.

I like my school, my teacher and my family very much.


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سلام نگار جان مطالبت را دبال می کنم و می خوانم. شاید گاهی وت ها خسته بشی و چیزی ننویسی ولی یادت باشه که این یه راهه خوبه که دوست ها از هم خبر داشته باشن. قوی و شاد باشی


سلام عزیزم خواهش می کنم تند تند پیام بگذار تا از حال احوال تو خبر دار بشیم دیگه بهتره برای دیگران بنویسی چون بابات کنارته ما هم دلمان برایت تنگ شده است


I like you negar and being one of your friend is my wish.