My favourite fruits

I like all the fruits because there are a lot of vitamins in them. Fruits are good for health. My mother often makes fruit salad for me and my family.But I like three fruits more than other; they are watermelon, mango and apple.
    Watermelon has dark green skin, red flesh and dark seeds. When I was in Tehran, we ate watermelon‌ in summer. I love red watermelon‌s, and it juice is very sweet. Always when I eat watermelon, I like to eat seeds too.
    I like mangoes very much.  Mango is a tropical fruit. When I came Malaysia, first I didn’t like mongo, but one day I drank mango juice and it was sweet. From that time I like mangoes too.
   Some people say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apple is a very good fruit for health and I like this fruit. In Iran we always eat apples. Sometime I eat an apple during the break. I like apple juice too.
    Each time that we go to supermarket, I always tell my father to buy some mangoes, some apples and big watermelon. My father knew that I like them very much and always buy them.

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Negar jon, last time I got an email from your dad he said that you were coming to Tehran, hope you enjoyed your stay. have a happy new year with your lovely family and say hi to them for me. keep writing dear. big hug Poupak


hello,I am behrooz from iran.I 'm willing to be one of your friend negar 'cause your comment is somhow good and your english language is perfect and I like swimming and pizza exactly as you